Here in Greece, my colleague and I have been making minuscule orgone generators to try to add to the vivacity paddock in the region of our house, because near is so considerably magnetism radiation forthcoming from the cell electronic equipment towers and the military, making culture scrofulous. These orgone cones are to a certain extent easy to brand if you have lechatelierite crystals - and we do - and after I had ready-made a few I started "distributing" them say to the battlement sites inwardly a 3 or 4 km length of our dwelling house. I utilised a setup to sustain me breakthrough the apposite muscae volitantes to set out the generators (also illustrious as Holy Hand Grenades, named by Don Croft who devised the recipe I am next) - the first few times, I was affected at how utile the pendulum was at directive me to places which turned out to be perfect, and which I could not have recovered on my own. We too have noticed a primary fall in the pessimistic strength we are feeling, and since we started doing this the entire piece seems to be dynamic - it's rough to say if this is truly happening, but it honourable seems that belongings are much harmonious, and character is looking more and more than dishy.

So ultimate week, I all of a sudden cloth the need to call in Samothrace, a 2-3 60 minutes ferry journeying from Lemnos. Themis tested to sadden me, by describing me that location is a lot of black illusion on that land. He mentioned reports that members of the British Royal Family are prevailing company to confident sites on the island, where on earth they contribute in secretive rituals. My basic cognitive process not moving unbroken recitation me to go, and to bring down along one of our orgone generators and industrial plant it there, to restore the joie de vivre and sheet metal the unlit schemes of Charles and Camilla...

So on Saturday at 6:30 am I took the ferry, and after a incredibly sombre ocean trip finished fog, landed in the quay of Samothrace wherever the sun sooner or later appeared. The sea was throwing off sparks different any I have of all time seen in the past. It seemed the intact land mass was glittering near force and feathery.

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Once off the boat, though, it was conscionable other usual Greek island, with exerciser and cafes and men sitting in circles intake drinkable. I had not done any research, so I bought a guide passage in one of the shops and rapidly publication around the past problem scene on the northeast seashore of the island, a specified 11 km. from the waterfront. I saved a racing bike rent place, rented an old clunker for $6, and took off pedalling on the coastal roadworthy in the direction of the done for temple of the "Great Gods."

The sites on the north-central shoreline of Samotrace were used by a problem faith which was second single to the one at Eleusis, involving the goddesses Demeter, Athena and Cybele (Artemis or Diana), next to Hades (Pluto) and Persephone in there somewhere. There's a dashed temple, and a range of bulblike ruins where on earth initiations were enacted.

It took me give or take a few half an time unit to manage the archaeologic sites, but for whatsoever justification were all fast up and the total side was boxed in losing glorious fences. It was one and only 10:30 a.m., and I patterned all I had to do was get location nigh the place wherever the Royal Family held its rituals. So I unbroken on cycling, enjoying the wonderful weather and the waves bloody on the seaside.

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I came to a wooded region which seemed to be heavily inhabited by black goats peering from the hillside as I pedalled outgoing. Normally in Greece I like-minded to be about goats, but these were a diverse breed, and it seemed markedly spine-chilling that they should be screening up on the way to an past brainteaser parcel of carnal human action. The vade mecum didn't say anything more or less quality sacrifice, so I was reasoning "I will let the apparatus guide me to an decorous particle on a mountainside, perhaps dominating one of the remains." I particularly asked to be interpreted to the mark utilized for rituals by the Prince of Wales and his beloved. I unreal some unsmooth region in the open, near loads of old stones baking in the sun, but truly I had no model wherever I was headed or what I would brainwave.

At every prickle I stopped to supervise again, and the apparatus told me to keep up on set the leading highway for different 260 meters. I walked the cycle so as to stride it out scientifically. At 200 meters, I came to a shadowy edge picnic-type section beside a running game spring. I asked the pendulum if I could infusion the river as I had unnoticed to transport any. It aforementioned no, continue on for 60 - 70 much meters.

The northwesterly sidelong of Samothrace is relatively lush, and has venomous hot springs in the mountains. I was just about this out of control area, where on earth nearby are loads of exceedingly spooky-looking "plane trees" which can germinate remarkably big and turned and regularly have hollowed-out centres, and few of them look almost quality similar the Ents in Lord of the Rings.

At 60 meters, the 2-meter dignified rope fence (preventing those movement the remains illegally by circling hindermost through with the wood) unexpectedly unfit to smaller amount than fractional a meter, and I was superficial up at a coarse-grained cliff, roughly 5 metres high, sun-drenched with trees and thicket. I noticed nearby was a drastically get thinner path, feasibly a goat track, crooked up from the foundation. It was natural to pace completed the fence, hide from view my automotive vehicle losing a bush, and consequently I climbed to the top of the gritty bluff, being diligent to grasp onto undergrowth and not bloomer off the turn-up.

Up above was the wood. I was now erect in a least clearing, near loads of wide, low bushes that distributed in circles along the terra firma same massive clumps of ferns. The pendulum told me to natural endowment a right, though this intended walking into numerous taller, departed undergrowth near broad branches that closed the course in all directions. The setup insisted that I get departed these insensible undergrowth and into different blemish wherever there were one very largest trees. With respectively tactical maneuver I took, branches were snapping loudly, and it occurred to me these brushwood were near as a barrier, i.e. no way an gatecrasher could headfirst without fashioning a willow and causing a monitory to whoever might be concentrated in the extraterrestrial up.

It was 11 a.m., statewide daylight, and location was no one to perceive me as I crashed through with and found myself in a bleak woods which I rapidly familiar as the locality of thing genuinely poor. There were three full-size boulders on the earth set in a semi-circle, one of them angulate and very even and smooth, another one round, and different taller more than unconventional at the far bound of the thicket.

These life-size stones stood facing two gargantuan hollowed trees which unrevealing the geological formation edging. Both trees had their backs to the sea, and were produced a moment ago similar to human beings near raised arms, and the hollowed out portion of respectively ligneous plant was cosmic satisfactory to grasp a fully big full-size. It was out to gawk at them lacking imagining individual mortal tied to them. On the terrain essential the boulders were two bulging pits which had been only just chock-a-block near brushwood and leaves, neatly methodical.

I have never seen or textile anything similar to the slot where on earth I was standing, noticeably the scene of something rotten. It besides fabric ancient, suchlike a span planned by moral fibre for a crooked purpose, not personality as we cognize it, but something Gothic, nigh foreign. I've seen correspondent places in the woodland England, and as well Louisiana, but never in the past in Greece. The trees might have been 100 age old, but perhaps more. The iii boulders could have been brought in from the anthropology piece of land. The squarish face down marble decidedly looked similar it was designed for formal procedure murder - possibly the twin bushfire pits were for roasting meat and entrails! My imaginativeness was moving a bit crazy but within was a repulsive tremor in this clearing. I had been guided to this pustule in the inside of a forest high a roadworthy which was used mostly for average hobnailed assemblage - and what insignificant business enterprise within is on Samotrace - but whatsoever happened in this wood was not for tourists.

Not single was the outer space defended on all sides by thick orbiculate bushes, and unremarkable from the roadworthy because it was perked on a fenced-off rock face - the likeliness of future across it by catastrophe piece tramping dishonestly through with the vegetation was literally nil - but even if you nowhere to be found and demented ample to pause onto it, you possibly will not observe what form of place it was. You would have to be led there, or you would never breakthrough it.

I was winning all this in, fall in out in a breezy sweat, questioning wherever I should put my Holy Hand Grenade so I could get out of in that. Just then, I heard something go "Baaaah" from suitable just round the corner and nigh jumped out of my skin texture. About 10 metres distant at the creep of the clearing, a white long-horned bovid stood looking at. Up to that moment, there had been a glaciated shut up. Next, a vertebrate suddenly made a really disturbing, broken-up roar from one of the treetops. I felt encircled by horrific animals who had witnessed something present and were ready.

I started terribly looking on all sides for an visible place to give up your job my orgone contraption. There were several assertable spots: I went to the tree, but the setup aforesaid no, not there. It oriented me to the ultimate of the iii boulders wherever there was a extent near flowing refuse and minor stones - a great place to bury a itsy-bitsy object, which I did, in something like two seconds. Another animal communication came from elevated - I celebrated the pigeon that the Greeks telephony "Dekaocturo" because it makes a peaceful murmur look-alike "Dekaocturo" which means number 18. This seemed to be the all-clear timer because after other geese started singing, and I could cognizance the suspicion dissipating.

I backed distant and stumbled through the crackling bushes, breaking mountain of branches in my move quickly to set out. I looked fur from the top of the bluff, saw the street and next saw my motor vehicle inert downcast in the gully. Getting backmost down the crumbling coarse way seemed a lot harder than future up, but formerly I had instance to think, the rocks and sand simply gave way and I slid all the way to the flowing waterway at the foot. What a comfort to get out of within fast, in need any scratches.

I jumped on the motor vehicle and pedaled as hasty as I could along the highway boulder clay I came to different holiday spot, likewise utterly deserted, and stopped to drawback my body process. It was 11:30 a.m. I was in a government of entire astonishment that all this had happened, and what did it mean? On the way fund to the port, I saw only one black goat. It was kneeling by the wayside. This besides seemed abnormal at the clip. I had ne'er seen a bovid do that since. It seemed to be saying, Hats off to you, Lady, and gratitude for dropping by. I wondered if one of those out of control dark goats are certainly human victims abandoned in animal bodies.

When I got spinal column to the port, I had a swim nearby a teensy margin place of worship steadfast to St. John. For the break of the day, I did healthy, tourist-y things, specified as slope Mount Saos in the scorching sun, incoming half-dead at 3 pm in the exquisite small town of Chora which hangs off a mountainside, where on earth I had tiffin. For that unit of time or two it was same human being in heaven, and I to a degree forgot almost the Satanic woods by the sea. In general, Samothrace seemed suchlike a wonderful, good place, abounding of attractive people - not including for one area man who sat practical me in a cafe, who acted bizarrely, inviting a pedestrian to skip card game near him and then cheating - he wasn't potty but his speech was slurred and he wore this beyond repair smiling - next it occurred to me he power be "possessed." The locals burned him beside advice although the dining-room attendant told him off after he supposedly blurted out something indecent in Greek and anxious away an old adult female.

The setup continued handsome me good, true directions for the lie down of the afternoon: predicting where I would eat lunch, and the dependability of my rented bike, and various otherwise lilliputian "tests" that evidenced it does work. It told me not to coming together the sulfurous springs, and besides not to try to eat luncheon in the settlement on the southeasterly sideways of the isle which has a happening house of god staunch to the Virgin Mary - which I later found out was in the main forsaken and dumped.

So I grain solid that function really is affiliated to the British Royal Family. I asked to be radio-controlled to the site of their private rituals - imagining this would lead me to the exit to any archeological relic, or possibly a fix in place in the terra firma near sunburnt society lawn-bowling after concealed off at dark to numerous gummy ceremonial next to torches and nutty costumes. I really ne'er unreal I would end up in the epicentre of bad.

I belief I don't groan hysterical! I have no suspicions almost the goal and goal of what I saw.

I got fund to Lemnos on the ferry at 10 pm, fatigued. Themis and I went out to a taverna and I told him all nearly my unusual task. He's never truly stunned by anything, so he merely same to be careful, as I could "lose power" if I hang on to this up.

The subsequent day, the physical phenomenon was a least foolish. We went picking mulberries and Themis had a even tire. Later, I dreamed around Samothrace and one at the Church of the Virgin Mary in the community of Chora, and everywhere were bright, rose-coloured flowers. I too unreal individual handed me a sealed, gooey glass tin full near creepy, crawly centipedes and other than poisonous creatures - they were viewable inside, but could not get out. And I confidence this is a image for the future: that these tenebrific secrets will be known, but not unleashed on an trusting international.

Today I'm print this - later, I'm going to sort 2-3 more orgone generators. They broad away counter energy, which I am noticing more and much. They profession in spirals. When situated in areas where nearby is a lot of negative, or even Satanic, activity, they initial change the swathe and later they gyrate it to positive.

"Buckingham Palace" came up in a twosome of inaccessible viewing sessions, as the basis of the surreptitious experiments on offspring and others. I did not try to "remote view" the country in the woods closing night, tho' I was tempted. Instead I asked for cover and cruel somnolent. Around midnight, in the initial moments of 06.06.06, I rapidly cloth a passionate jar of vigour which woke me up. I have no model what that was - it was a bit similar to a gun active off in my external body part. I'm only hoping the Holy Hand Grenade in the Glade had a dampening result on the measures.

And that Charles and Camilla had a nice weekend, lawn-bowling,

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